Oops, there’s a urination issue!

 A man aged 30 living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was detained on the morning of April 1, after a police officer witnessed him leave his home and squirt water on the car of a neighbor. This is a scathing ICUP incident, where a police officer came across the man and instructed the man to cover his face and lay down on the ground. But, when the officer attempted to speak to the property owner house his suspect # 1 jumped up and fled. If you need to leave and you must go, you must go!

The police officer was able to track down and arrest the street sprayer, who was arrested for indecent exposure, violating public order, and refusing to be arrested.

Famous July 6 Birthdays

Year: 1980 Pau Gasol, Spanish basketball player

Year: 1970 Inspectah Deck, American rapper, producer, and actor

Year: 1967 Heather Nova, Bermudian singer-songwriter and guitarist

Year: 1945 Burt Ward, American actor and producer

Year: 1943 Tamara Sinyavskaya, Russian soprano