St. Augustine: A Florida man, irritated that women didn’t want to test his vape pen was detained after shooting a gun at a woman.

The incident reportedly took place early on a Friday morning in McDonald’s located at 1 US Street in St. Augustine which is in which the woman is employed according to the report of arrest. The woman was at work when someone was able to approach her. He asked her to punch his vape however, she declined the invitation.

“Are you serious bro?” the stranger asked incredulously. She explained that what she noticed was that he was going to look up from his shirt and see the pistol that was tucked inside his belt. After that, she explained to the police they were present, he pulled out a gun and then said, “Now what? What’s the latest? “Before going away.

The MPs had a conversation with an additional victim who was in the same experience. The victim claimed that the person fired the gun after refusing to test the vape pen of the man. This time, however the victim urged the man to get rid of the weaponor it could be applied against him.

The suspect was later discovered at a nearby store. Deputies claimed that the woman saw the suspect at the point of view and was able to recognize the gun which was the .45 caliber pistol, exactly as she had seen earlier.

The suspect was identified by police identified the suspect as Kyle McGill Walker. He was detained at St. John’s County Jail for the aggravated assault using deadly weapons without intent to murder.

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