BRADENTON, Florida (WFTS / CNN) A Florida victim was wounded while moving furniture around his patio. It was only a matter of seconds however, he could have died.

Charles Lee was moving a deck chair when the wind picked him up and pushed him over into the pool. A chair leg punctured his throat.

“I was shocked. The wind swept the ground off of me. Then, when I got up my jaw hurt and I sat down to rub my jaw.” He said.

Doctors claim Lee was fortunate to have A visit to the emergency room and 12 stitches.

“The laceration went two centimeters past my carotid artery,” Lee stated.

Lee is receiving antibiotics and was given an injection of tetanus. Doctors were concerned about the infection as the stool’s bottom was stained with rust.

“A couple of angels watch me. In actual fact that’s what the ambulance doctor said, “he said.

Lee was puzzled as to why this bizarre incident could have occurred.

“If you look later, you can see the sail effect and the funnel effect that often occurs in tight spaces such as between buildings or between canals, and I believe that is exactly what happened here,” he added.

Li saw a doctor 5 days after the incident. Li is expected to be okay, but the chair in the pool will end up placed in the trash.

“It’s frightening. I’ll ever wear it or lay on it again. It’s finished its work and the next time I’ll probably purchase the plastic” He said.

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