A Florida man shot his tires off of the AT&T truck that he believed was blocking his driveway.

A Florida man was trying to come up with a solution by shooting his AT&T truck that he claimed that it was blocking the driveway of his home. The solution he came up with was risky.

Video shot from the AT&T employees illustrates a 64-year old Florida man shooting at the tires of a vehicle parked in Hialeah using a massive gun.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon after Jorge Jove became angry at the parking of two trucks According to a Hialeah police statement. AT&T trucks were fixing overhead lines at the time Jove went out of his residence carrying a gun in hands.

“I think the landlord was pissed that AT&T trucks were closing his garage,” Hialeah Police Sergeant Carl Zogby said to The Miami Herald.

Utilizing a large gun and moving with a slow speed, Jove fired at the tires of the truck that was parked. As the bullets hit an tire shot on the wheels of the next truck.

A AT&T employee who dialed 911 reported, “The parked truck is under fire and someone inside the truck cannot get down because of the shooting.”

Police arrived at the scene a couple of minutes after the incident and arrested Jove. Jove was accused of the charges of two assaults by using a firearm and vandalism. Jove was detained and later released in late evening.

As per Florida media sources Jove was not a victim of any prior previous history of violence or crime as well as being a former member in Miami-Dade Fire Department. Miami-Dade Fire Department.

“His neighbors don’t have a negative opinion of Jove either,” Sergeant Zogby said to CBS Miami.

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