There are plenty of strange things taking place in Florida and we’re there every week to look over the list of the weirdest. In this week’s episode: Indians, a homeless woman who wanted to impart her knowledge of being homeless to kids as well as a shocking Bigfoot theory.

Keys man detained for piratey
Yo-ho, yoho, the life of an pirate to Jamie Spering. A man earns a living through the assistance of an entertainer for pirates (professional truck driver). Of of course, piracy is a very illegal business, and it’s only natural that Spering is not in compliance with the law as is the character he portrays.

On a Monday afternoon Spering joined two other acquaintances on the Sunset Grille in Marathon to observe the sunset. Spering donned full pirate clothing and carried two daggers, two muskets along with a knife, and a sword. The group then decided to visit Seven Mile Bridge. Seven Mile Bridge to have some fun.

Spering made a shot from his musket into water, and then turned around and fired another shot at the vehicle. It was not real ammunition however suffice to declare that a man dressed as a pirate shooting with a gun towards the other side of the road caused drivers to shake their logs (in fact, one shot actually was an audio video recorded by an iPhone that was turned over to police).

Famous July 2 Birthdays

Year: 1974 Moon So-ri, South Korean actress

Year: 1964 Alan Tait, English-Scottish rugby player and coach

Year: 1953 Tony Armas, Venezuelan baseball player and coach

Year: 1940 Kenneth Clarke, English politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain

Year: 1939 Paul Williams, American singer and choreographer