Clearwater resident and Florida native, John Martin, embarked upon a bold strategy following the discovery by MPs of syringes inside his rectum while he was being held in Pinellas County Jail.

He just told them that they weren’t his.

Pinella County Sheriff’s Office reported that Wesley Dasher Scott (40) was taken into custody Friday for an unfulfilled warrant. This warrant was based on a September drug arrest. Scott was strip searched by the officers before being taken to jail.

According to the arrest report, Scott “took three syringes out of his rectum and gave them to the deputy. He stated that they were not his.”

Scott was initially detained by the MPs. They warned him that additional charges could be brought against him if any drug or smuggling evidence is found on him. Scott admitted to the officers that he knew exactly what was about to happen, according to the arrest report.

Scott is not the first to have a fight with police. The 40-year old man was arrested on multiple charges, including battery and drug use.

Scott was also accused of distributing contraband at the county detention centre. Scott is currently in prison and not being released on $ 5,000 bail.

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