The Florida resident refused to give his father pizza.

WFLA reported that Robert Houston was arrested on Thursday for allegedly attacking his father with pizza after learning that his father helped him have children. A piece of pizza was found on a chair in Holiday, Florida by police. The house had cheese and tomato sauce inside.

Houston’s father said that his son was returning from a walk and took a pizza from a driver. He then began to shove a piece in his face, hold him down and shout at him.

The victim ran fast to the police, trying to remove the accused. After that, the accused went outside and waited for the authorities, according to the arrest report.

Houston later admitted to police that he had “thrown a pizza in the face of his father, hitting him with it because his father helped him have children,” WTSP reports.

It is not clear why he attacked his father with this information.

Houston was taken into custody and released on $ 150 bail.

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