PASCO COUNTY FL: (Gray News). – A Florida man is currently in jail after being charged with a domestic battery.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Robert Houston was so angry that his father helped him have a child that he ate pizza.

Investigators are not sure why the news shocked the suspect, 33 years old. According to them, he yelled at his father and held him in a chair.

“The victim started to rush around, trying to get rid the accused. After which, the accused went outside and waited for the law enforcement agencies,” MPs said to local media.

The suspect approached the deputy and said that he knew he would be sent prisoner when he saw the law enforcement agencies arrive.

Investigators discovered a slice of pizza sitting on the chair. All of it was covered with cheese and gravy.

According to the father, he had gone for a walk with his dogs and Houston waited on Houston’s porch for pizza delivery. Chaos reigned when dad returned.

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