Although it may look easy on TV, robbery in real life is not. For the Florida man’s adventures, it is definitely not. Unknown person attempted to rob Pembroke Pines’ bank in movie-style fashion on Wednesday.

According to NBC, the FBI is currently investigating a tunnel that leads to Chase Bank. It was discovered by a crew of community service workers.

According to NBC 6, a winch and a wagon were discovered inside the tunnel’s 50-yard length.

“We don’t know who is behind it at the moment, they could be here a week before, last night, and we don’t know now but this is huge hole,” FBI Special Agent Michael Leverok stated to reporters. 

Police sent the dog’s corpse into the burrow to search for people but did not find anyone.

It is possible that the tunnel collapsed from heavy rain. However, it is certain that those who occupied the tunnel didn’t make extravagant flights with large sums of money. According to FBI Special Agent Michael Levereaux authorities consider the incident an attempt at robbery.

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