Florida resident claims that he was held for six weeks in jail after a bag of detergent was incorrectly identified.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls about a suspicious van in the parking lot on December 5. They found Matt Krall, 29, asleep in his car.

Krall was told by the deputy that he had checked the bag in the van and found heroin. It was washing powder.

“He showed me on the phone a photo of the field test kit that he was allegedly conducting. Reporters were told by Krall that he never showed him a real test kit. I just stared at him, confused and bewildered by the fact that I didn’t know where the 92 grams heroin in my van came from.

Krall was charged with heroin trafficking and was arrested. His bond was set at $500,000

Krall said that it was surreal to be in jail with half a million dollars bail. “And you can’t go somewhere knowing you weren’t wrong.”

WPTV reports that Krall’s deputy Stephen O’Leary was fired by the officer who arrested him. An investigation revealed that he had held at least 11 people innocently on drug charges.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder stated that “No matter what we do, no mater how hard we try,” there’s always the chance of one bad apple to slip away, based on the Law of Opportunity.

Krall indicated that he could sue for damages. Krall said that he was not saying that he destroyed my life, but that he caused him a lot emotional turmoil and stress for my family.

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