ST. PETERSBURG (WFTS/ CNN) – A Florida resident has been accused of attacking a McDonald’s employee allegedly with a straw. Daniel Willis Taylor (40) spent New Year’s Day behind bars on charges of two simple beatings and beatings following an incident in the jail. McDonald’s, St. Petersburg, Florida

According to police, the video shows Taylor pulling Yasmine James, a McDonald’s employee, across the counter by her shirt.

Brenda Biandudi recorded the footage and saw the fight rapidly escalate.

Biandudi stated that even if she is at work, it is important to know if there are limits on how much employees can take.

The video was posted by Brother Biandudi on his Facebook page. She said that Taylor first went to the condiment bar to get a straw. He shouted, and walked over to the counter. The girl behind the counter informed him that it was now illegal to keep straws in the lobby.

This law is real. Since January 1, officials in the city have instructed restaurants not to leave plastic straws at counters and that they will be banned from giving them out by 2020.

Biandudi claims Taylor did not accept this answer. Biandudi stated that “She had to do so… She is a little girl and, you know… I just felt that her right actions were right.”

Police allege that Taylor punched another officer in the stomach while he was walking away. McDonald’s employees were not allowed to speak with local media. However, McDonald’s sent a statement saying that safety and well-being for customers and employees is our highest priority. in our restaurants

Biandudi is happy that Taylor was captured by police thanks to her video. Local media reports claim that James is still working at McDonald’s.

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