According to a worker at the restaurant, the suspect was holding his right hand straight up at her in a position that resembled a gun. His thumb was pointed up, his index and second fingers pointed straight out, and his thumb was pointed up.

GAINSEVILLE (Florida). According to the arrest report, although the Florida man was not carrying a gun, he had a weapon-like hand form.

Police claim that Steven Michael Berlin went to Gainesville’s Szechuan Palace restaurant. After he sat down in the restaurant for 30 minutes, he walked to the counter. According to the Berlin police, he raised his right hand towards her in a pose that she thought looked like a pistol. Fist, thumb pointed up, index and 2nd fingers pointed straight. 

The victim was afraid for her life and believed Berlin might be a real weapon. According to the police report, she followed his orders and opened the cash drawer. He took the money. The suspect then fled the store.

Later, the victim told police that she was afraid of picking up the phone after the suspect left because she believed the accused would return and shoot her.

Berlin was found by the police just three blocks away from the restaurant. Berlin confessed to the robbery almost immediately after being approached by an officer. Officers also reported that he had $ 577 in his possession.

Berlin, 56, faces charges of robbery using deadly weapons. He “deliberately made his victim fear serious injury, or even death.”

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