One strange fact about life is that you never know when you will hit a hand grenade. While you may not be able to predict when your time will come, you can choose what you do. You are correct: Call the authorities and don’t touch it. False: Take it to Taco Bell and put it in your trunk.

Yet, this is exactly what a man from Florida did. Gizmodo reports that he was out magnetic fishing in Oklawah, when he discovered explosives. He took the explosives to Taco Bell after he had found them. Like everyone else.

He called 911 at approximately 5:00 PM to explain the situation. Taco Bell was evacuated to Ocala in Florida and a field engineer was dispatched. After two hours, the restaurant was reopened and no one was injured. However, it seems that everyone was confused by his actions.

The police informed the public via social networking that the hand grenade was a genuine Second World War hand grenade. The sapper team quickly retrieved the grenade and assured that it would be properly disposed of. Taco Bell has been reopened. 

Remember, if you discover a grenade call the police and then go to Taco Bell. If you do find a Viking sword that is cool, they will be able to call your name.

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