(Gray News). A Florida man wanted his mother to see that he was capable of being independent.

She will need to visit him at Sumter County Jail if she wishes to see him right away.

23-year-old Hassan Alexander Campbell is being charged with attempted robbery and battery. He tried to escape from a Circle K station in Circle K on January 17.

The cashier refused to hand over any cash. He was fought by another client for quite some time before he fled.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office MPs discovered that he was headed south on Interstate 75. They chased him down to Sumter County where they disabled his car.

Campbell was taken into custody by MPs who requested a lawyer after he was taken.

MPs posted the following message on the Marion County Sheriff’s Channel: “He then stated he was just trying out to figure himself out and that his motive to prove to his mom that he’s independent and can take care of himself” According to MPs on a Facebook page Campbell claimed that he attempted to meet a relative to go to a club.

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