Palm Beach County (WPTV). After police claimed that he was trying sell stolen comics worth $ 100,000, a Palm Beach County man was taken into custody.

Phoenix police reported that a man later identified as Philip Weisbauer, a man from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, went to Phoenix’s comic shop to discuss the sale of four comics.

Comics cost approximately $ 97,000

According to the officer, Weisbauer had left the store, but returned two days later in order to bargain with the owner.

After his second visit, he left the shop and was followed by police to his home. He was taken into custody on January 10.

Four comic books were found by the police, among 446 that had been taken from the vault at Boca Raton. These comic books are worth more than $ 1,000,000

West Palm Beach Past and Future Comics trades, buys, and sells thousands of comics each year.

Sal Ciano, a Past, Present, Future Comics employee, said that “all collectors know one another.”

The store was alerted when the Boca Raton comic book robbery took place.

Mark Gallo is one of these collectors so he sort of knows. He was informed about the books’ disappearance by Mark Gallo, and if anyone tried to sell them, it would be a big deal, “Ciano stated.

It is unknown if the stolen property was ever insured. They are constantly changing hands so people don’t spend much on insurance.

Books of this value and of the same kind are visible books. They are only a handful of collectors at any one time so you kinda know who they really are.

Each comic is checked for theft or registration before being sold or traded.

It is unknown if any other 446 books stolen than those found in Arizona were discovered.

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