A Florida man tried to escape MPs by hiding in a pond. Officials were able to rip off the “gunman” trick when he flew into the air.

The Suwani County Sheriff posted on Wednesday that Daniel Christopher Booth, 36 was arrested in Baker County, for selling methamphetamine.

Police say that police arrested a Florida “Guider Rapist” who terrorized women.

Bout was being arrested at work at the solar power station when the lawmaker attempted to arrest him. The sheriff stated that the 36-year old ran away and dived into the pond.

The message stated that Booth had seen too many action movies and believed he could hide from K9 teams from Suwannee CI or Mayo CI by hiding under water in a pond. According to the report Booth was arrested when he reached the surface for air.

Booth was “wet through” at the Suwani County Jail according to the sheriff’s office. They also added some fun hashtags like “#NotRambo”.

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Additional charges were brought against him for an unsuccessful escape attempt.

Some social media users pointed out a fatal flaw to Booth’s plan, while others commented on the message.

One user wrote, “Good action movies demonstrate that you need to gouge a Reed to Breathe.”

Another commented, “Apparently he forgot he took a bamboo shoot to breath while he waited.” He should watch more cartoons.

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