PALM BEACH (WPTV), Florida – According to a Palm Beach police investigation, a man drove his Ferrari in the Palm Beach area late December. He claimed that he did so because “Jesus said it…”

James Muccicho, Deerfield Beach, was approached by police officers as he attempted to remove items from his Ferrari that was parked at a dock.

Muccio explained to the officer that a friend had told him to park on the dock so he could get him by boat. Mucciaccio was told he couldn’t park on the dock so he excused himself. He then went to pick up his driver’s license for the Italian sports car.

Famous January 16 Birthdays

Year: 1968 Rebecca Stead, American author

Year: 1956 Jennifer Dale, Canadian actress and dancer

Year: 1914 Roger Wagner, French-American conductor and educator (d. 1992)

Year: 1894 Irving Mills, American publisher (d. 1985)

Year: 1972 Ezra Hendrickson, Vincentian footballer and manager