DAYTONA BEACH, FL (CBSMiami / AP – No good act goes unpunished, right! According to investigators, the Florida man was 27 years old and caused an accident on Interstate 95. He then took a pickup truck from another man who stopped by to help.

Kim Montes, Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant, stated in a statement Monday night that Zachary Searles, 27, struck a van in front him. Searles’ vehicle crashed into a tree, setting it ablaze. Montes reports that 52-year old Felix Coffman stopped by to help. Montes says that Coffman got out his truck and Searles drove off.

Volusia County sheriffs say they found a truck outside Searles’ house and arrested him. He was charged with multiple crimes, including the theft of a large vehicle. He is currently being held on $6,000 bail.

Searles’ lawyer was not listed in court records.

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