Florida man accused of beating golfer and taking his money

OCALA (FLORIDA) – An old Florida man tried to steal golf balls from the course. The man was charged with assault and theft.
Sent to prison

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler Daerden was a young man from Marion County. Ocala’s golf club tried to take a golf ball.

Daerden was seen taking the balls by the golfer, who warned him and then went on to complain. According to Daerden claimed that he wanted to make an apology to the golfer, but he later beat the golfer.

Daerden informed the police about the incident, and claimed that the golfer had threatened to kill him.

The aging golfer has bruises, cuts and a fractured rib.

Daerden was arrested for violence against an elderly person and was sent to Prison on Sunday with a bail amount of $10,000.

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