ESTATE (CBS Miami). After more than 40 grams were found on him at a traffic stop near Florida Keys, a Florida man was arrested. However, he did not eat any of the patrol car seats of the officer he was being arrested. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Melvin Stubbs, 37 years old from Homestead was charged with cocaine trafficking as well as resisting arrest. After being taken into custody at Mile 59, he was also charged for damaging property by chewing on and/or eating a sheriff’s patrol car seat.

The police stopped Stubbs for using dark tinted windows. The police discovered that Stubbs had a warrant for his arrest for violating probation regarding the sale of cocaine.

Stubbs attempted to flee, but was captured and killed by an officer. According to police, Stubbs had 41.1 grams of cocaine in his jacket pocket. Stubbs then sat Stubbs in the back of a police vehicle and ate at least 1,000 dollars. According to police, the damage was approximately $11,000

Officers claimed he was so aggressive they had to restrain him and transport him to Marathon’s fishermen’s hospital.

After being cleared by doctors, he was sent to prison.

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