Florida man spits on police officers, bites K-9 and punches them.

As he moved back and forth, the suspect made bird sounds and laughed. The only thing that was different about him was the mud on his body.

Watts was high on m**h when deputies approached him to investigate unusual noises coming out of a shallow creek. It made it difficult for them to communicate about what attracted their attention.

Authorities waited for backup when the suspect tried to escape. Six additional deputies joined the group with Casper, their dog. They followed him through the woods until he stopped moving and began to growl like a dog.

They sent their K-9 to subdue him, but Watts took control and pounced on Watts’ canine friend, clamping down as he bit its ears!

Casper was then wrestled off his feet by him using an arm lock. He viciously choked it before finally giving up after being pinned from all sides.

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