After testing the vehicle and not returning it to a dealership, a Florida man was arrested.

Police say that J’Briel Skurri and another man visited a car dealership to inquire about purchasing a vehicle. He was able to test drive a car and filled out paperwork to purchase it.

The employee asked the man for keys to inspect another vehicle. The merchant who gave the keys to the man noticed that both the truck and the people were gone.

He assured them that he would take the car for a test drive, and then return the vehicle to the lot before the dealership closes for the day.

For his car theft, a warrant was issued.

Famous February 13 Birthdays

Year: 1982 Even Helte Hermansen, Norwegian guitarist

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Year: 1979 Lucy Brown, English actress

Year: 1937 Ali El-Maak, Sudanese author and academic (d. 1992)

Year: 1922 Gordon Tullock, American economist and academic (d. 2014)