ST. Saint PETERSBURG, Florida – Local police have stopped one of the oldest crime around the globe even though the attempted deals … aren’t conventional.

An individual from Pinellas Park is accused of offering to engage in oral sex with an St. Petersburg secret police officer on the 1st of December in exchange for an entrée.

In the document the 57-year-old Frank Caponi proposed a female officer who he believed was prostitute. Police arrested him on prostitute charges.

It is unclear which kind of burger was offered.

Famous December 8 Birthdays

Year: 1911 Nikos Gatsos, Greek poet and lyricist

Year: 1919 Hans-Dieter Hosalla, German composer

Year: 1922 Jean Ritchie, American folk singer

Year: 1923 Rudolph Pariser, American chemist

Year: 1925 Carmen Martín Gaite, Spanish author