WFLA County, Florida (WFLA). On Sunday an Florida man was arrested after being accused of dumping a child at the roadside because he believed the child was gay.

Haynes Police Department was arrested 30 year-old Evenod Julmeus from Haynes on Sunday night , after seeing a crying young man less than 18 years old, carrying a gym bag containing various items in the station.

The policeman inquired of the child what had occurred, the child replied that the officer Julmeus removed him from the house due to the fact that he believed that he was gay.

The police report doesn’t reveal the exact connection with Yulmeus and the boy.

The boy informed the officer that, after a verbal argument regarding this, Yulmeus told him to put his bags in the car and get in the vehicle. Yulmeus followed the kid to the top of the hill on Highway 27 near the Haynes Police Department. The boy claimed that Yulmeus instructed him to get out and said: “The police will find you a new residence.”

When the kid got off the bus, Yulmeus returned home.

The police station reported that the boy was at the police station with no food, water, cash and a phone.

Police say a person who was passing by the police station witnessed the whole incident unfold and called the police station to report the incident.

The report states that when the mother of the boy was able to ask Yulmeus what was the location of her son, Yulmeus explained to her the events that was going on and that she was looking to pursue him there was a police station.

The woman then went to the bathroom to look for her son.

Yulmeus was detained and charged with child abuse.

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