The four suspects were detained early on Monday morning and accused of stealing nearly $500,000 worth of Patron Tequila in Tampa, Florida.

MPs have reported that they found Vidal Estrada Lemuel Escobar Humberto Ramirez, and Alberto Obayu picking up the Patron Tequila boxes from a semi-trailer that was stolen after a driver reported him missing after eating lunch in Tampa according to Hillsborough County Sheriff.

The suspects had transferred 20 crates of tequila in the closed-body truck that they registered before the police found them.

As per the Sheriff’s department it was reported that there were ninety-six cases of Tequila that had a the retail value of 507,105.

Four men were accused of resisting a police officer without violence or force, as well as major theft, and robbery in the vehicle that was not in use. Obaya 46-year-old Obaya was also charged with possession of a banned substance.

The suspects are currently in jail and will have to appear in the court on Tuesday.

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