A Florida man was charged with arson , after police claim he shouted at vampires, before he set his house on fire , while the woman was inside.

Melvin Weaver, 64, was detained by the Daytona Beach Police Department.

On Sunday , at around 7:42 p.m. police were summoned to a residence for an unattended fire.

The dispatcher informed the police that Weaver had a huge blade and was taking doors and claiming the house was on fire and that the victim was in the house.


While officers arrived to on the spot, Weaver approached a patrol vehicle carrying a large knife. The officers were able to remove the knife from Weaver and put him in handcuffs.

Officers then got in touch with the woman who explained to officers that she had been with Weaver for over 20 years and got married 8 years ago.


The victim had earlier reported the same day Weaver was talking and then began to become more agitated and she called 911 Baker Act him.

She said that when the officers arrived at the scene, Weaver was in a good state of mind and was not able to become Baker Acted. She claimed Weaver appeared to be in a state of mind that were fine even though he tried to allow his pet go to the police.

The victim then told her later the same daythat Weaver was seen running out onto the road screaming. After a while she could hear him yelling, “The vampires are going to fight back.”

As she walked to examine him and he took a wooden cane and struck at her, striking her on the forearm.

The victim informed police that Weaver began to break windows in the home She then went into her bedroom to put away her clothes for the night.

As the victim walked from the room, she shouted at Weaver, “You’re crazy.” According to the police report the moment Weaver was able to hear her shout, he began to tear off the ceiling insulation off.


The victim claimed that he set the ceiling’s insulation on the stove, and then cut the stove in half. The kitchen quickly caught the fire. Weaver took a large knife and fled out of the front door, and down the street.

As per the person who was harmed Weaver just takes pain medicine for cancer. She isn’t sure whether he had taken any other medication. The victim was unsure whether he was taking his pain medication on the day.

WPLG report that the house was totally destroyed by the fire.

Weaver is facing charges of in felony aggravated battery using an armed weapon that is deadly and arson felony in an unoccupied structure.

He was transported by the Volusia County Branch Jail.

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