Orlando, Florida. According to WOFL an individual was able to kill an 18-foot, 150-pound Burmese Python within the Florida Everglades.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission released a stunning picture of the huge snake on Tuesday, after wildlife hunter John Hammond got his hands on the snake.

The snake was captured and killed in the course of the government’s elimination program for pythons. The enormous python was the largest snake to be captured by the program so far.

for 45 mins, Hammond kept the snake in its back.

“He fled, and I and I grabbed his head. After I made it happen I was squeezed to the waist, which was the intent, “- said Hammond Wolverine.

Then he slowly pulled him into the truck.

“The Snake bags are way too tiny,” Hammond said. “I had an empty tent bag in my truck. I put it inside the tent bag. I then put it was placed in the box for brigade. 

The snake-thief has plans to skin the snake and then utilize the skin.

Burmese Pythons are classified as an invading FFWC species.

Large snakes consume a variety of small native species and do not have natural predators to ward them off and pose a threat to wildlife in the Florida ecosystem.

Everglades hunters earn 8.25 an hour for hunting pythons.

If they are able to locate the python to be that is up to 4 feet long the python will be given an additional $50.

In the event that the length of kites is larger than the kite, they will receive another 25 for each foot after four feet.

As per the WOFL report, following the beast’s 18-foot length, Hammond became $ 450 greater in wealth.

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