A mother of Lee County warns other parents after she reported that a weird man slammed into her children on the way to the bus stop. He returned back home on a tricycle and demanded to know to help them earn money.

“I do not know if he was planning to enter the house to pick them up or pick them up” Brittany Moreno’s worried mother.

Moreno claimed that the dark incident started at her children’s bus stop at Yvonne Avenue and 23rd Street Southwest on Monday afternoon.

“There are many people in the area and this man wasn’t worried about it at all.” Moreno said her children were walking two blocks back home, running after the man.

“He was acting weird at all times. He would circle a little close to us, but finally the guy just walked with the rest of us “said Nine-year-old Moreno’s son Xavier.

Xavier stated that what happened the next day scared him and his siblings and brothers and caused them to flee the home.

“He asked me: Do you want to earn money? I just said no to do it, as in my head I was thinking, what did this mean? 

Moreno claimed she was unable to see the man as he sped away on his tricycle as shortly as she got out.

Moreno has submitted a complaint to Lee County Sheriff. Lee County Sheriff.

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