(RNN) had the pleasure of seeing or been involved in political debates on Facebook.

It’s usually endlessly exchanging funny phrases or memes in the hope that other people are likely to select “like” to signal they agree.

There is a chance that one of us commits a mistake, and then creates a typo, transforming their brain into fair play , to an extent that they are snubbed.

Even as insignificant as these exchanges might be, they generally remain in the comments. However, one Facebook dispute went viral on the internet on Tuesday, and it turned into shootings in Tampa. The Florida election department has identified Sebring as an active Democrat however it’s not clear which issue in politics caused the controversy.

According to local news stories, an affidavit states that Stevens delivered explicit messages along with threats and messages to Sebring and prompted Sebring to return to his residence with an Glock semi-automatic pistol that was compact and the AR-15 rifle.

Investigators informed the WFLA Sebring notified Stevens from his home via signaling. Stevens was able to respond by shoving Sebring,

Police say that’s the moment that Sebring fired. Sebring fled the scene however, he later surrendered police.

Police have told WTVT the 44-year old Brian Sebring went to his Facebook acquaintance’s house and killed him twice for an issue with the government over the Internet.

The victim was identified as 46-year-old Alex Stevens, was wounded in the buttocks as well as the thigh.

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