RUTLAND. The Florida resident was found guilty of receiving kickbacks and bribes of around $ 2.5 million from firms looking for contracts to carry out energy conservation projects within federal structures including White River Junction, which is home to the Department of Veterans Affairs facilities in White River Junction.

Bhaskar Patel 67, who lives in Windermere, Florida, pleaded guilty in the federal court of Rutland this morning to two felony counts which carry the maximum penalty of 10 years of prison. He is on recognizance but he’s not allowed to leave until the trial on the 7th of December. The judge Jeffrey Crawford said federal probation officials will conduct an investigation prior to the judge officially sentenced Patel. In the course of the plea deal, federal prosecutors have filed an agreement to plead guilty. A notice of confiscation from Patel amounting to $2,536,119. The plea agreement stipulates that the prosecutor agreed to cut the confiscated amount to 1.75 million when Patel is able to pay $ 950,000 prior to the sentencing. Patel also has to pay a fine of up to 5,072,238.38 which is twice the income he stole.

The items federal prosecutors are seeking to seize as part the seizure include his home in Windermere and 2012 Mercedes-Benz Class E350, Clock; six rings with 10 bracelets; 43 earrings 18 bracelets, six pendants worth $35,700 in Indian rupees; as well as an investment property with a timeshare that is located in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

David Haas, an Orlando Florida-based lawyer representing Patel has declined to discuss the matter after the hearing on Monday.

assistant U.S. Attorney Abigail Averbach, who prosecuted the case, has said that the possibility of charges against other people associated with the case could be a possibility, but she did not reveal who they could be. Court records indicate that in certain instances Patel required payers to send checks to his daughters and son.

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