FORT PIERCE, Florida. The authorities say that they believe the Florida man was arrested on charges of anger and also for having his girlfriend wet wrath.

The Saint Lucy County sheriff’s deputy was called to the home after the girlfriend of Joseph Sirechi told authorities that he had been drinking in the living room after she got home from work earlier in the month.

According to the affidavit she claimed that Sirechi was with her and her daughter to a different home, where Sirechi continued to be aggressive and when he returned to home, he grabbed her hand and pulled her hand. He then did a wet push by shoving a wet, swollen finger in her ears …

She confirmed her mother’s tale. Their names were not released.

The Treasure Coast newspaper reports that the battery was arrested in Sirechi. He was not willing to testify on paper, however, he he claimed that he wasn’t drunk.

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