MIAMI (CBS Miami). The incident occurred on Wednesday. 58-year old man was taken into custody as a masturbation suspect after his bedroom windows and left a bag of used condoms on the windows.

Jorge Godoy is accused of the robbery, stalking, and voyeurism and exposure to sexuality.

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According to a sworn declaration in the case, the night of August 29th she had changed clothes and noticed the man with his penis inside a home located on Southeast 101 Avenue that she lives in with her mom.

“She was looking out my window, and he was doing a sexy dance, and she walked to the home and told me, ‘Mom, there’s a guy at your door,’ the victim said to CBS 4 News.

The mother said that her daughter was living with her grandmother as she was scared to remain at her home.

When he saw an image of Godoy the person who was in the photograph, the victim instantly identified him.

In another instance an individual was getting ready to leave her bathroom and noticed that blinds appeared to be partly open. As she walked to the window she was face-to-face with a man just outside the window.

In the evening, a lady living in a home located at 101st Avenue SW said she was watching the man’s eyes look through the window of the bedroom of her daughter.

A few more days after, on the 1st of September, a person passing by the house of this girl observed the man peering through the window of her home again.

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