Ocala (WTFF) – A felon sentenced to 30 years in federal prison following an investigation found he owned ammunition and firearms.

Yesterday The Justice Department issued a press statement describing the incidents.

Ocala local Michael Guell, 37, was admitted to the hospital on the 28th of November, 2018 suffering from “gunshot injuries.”

Police officers from police from the Ocala police department arrived, and Guell told them the robbery had occurred and he was killed by an unknown attacker.

The police discovered shell casings of shells in Guell’s vehicle.

In a subsequent interview in a second interview, in a second interview, he “confessed that he had drank in his car, and then self-inflicted injury.”

In his vehicle, police located a semi-automatic firearm as well as 26 rounds of ammunition.

The time was when Guell has been sentenced to five felonies, which included possessing a controlled drug, theft by seizing, as well as fleeing and evading police officer. Guell, as a criminal, is barred from having guns or ammo.

On the 29th of November the 29th of November, 2018he convicted on two counts of possessing of guns by aconvicted criminal, and also one count of making false reports to police agencies. Prison records indicate the fact that he was let out on the following day. On May 9, 2019 the prisoner was sent back in the Marion County Jail as a gesture of courtesy by the federal police. In the meantime, he’d been reported to have relocated from Spring Hill to Spring Hill as indicated in the reservation information.

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