The weekend before in the last weekend, The US Coast Guard rescued a man from Florida after he attempted to take a hamster ball or inflatable bubble around to the Bermuda Triangle (again).

The US Coast Guard voluntarily rescued and brought Reza Baluchi to shore this past Sunday, as reported by The Washington Post. The journey started in Pompano Beach and ended near Fort Pierce. Based on past experiences operations, the rescue mission could cost as much as $144,000.

“This supposed adventure has unnecessarily damaged people’s lives, including Mr. Baluchi, the maritime community and also the officers and men in the Coast Guard,” said Captain Austin Gould, commander of the Miami Coast Guard.

Additionally it is it is the Coast Guard has a responsibility to ensure the resources and money of taxpayers are effectively and efficiently.

It’s not the first time that Baluchiy’s actions have cost taxpayers funds. The endurance runner threw his own device into the sea in October of 2014 however, he had to be rescued due to losing his GPS device, WPLG reported. On the 13th of April, he tried to complete the same quest and was then dragged back to shore, as it was a bit cold and windy.

This Coast Guard letter indicates that Baluchi was advised not to travel on his final journey, as it could lead to the possibility of a prison sentence lasting seven years as well as the possibility of a fine up to $40,000.

“I think that your current planned flight without the assistance of an escort/support vessel or other similar measures for self-rescue is dangerous,” the letter said. “I recommend that you work with my team to create an appropriate flight plan which meets the guidelines I laid out earlier.”

Baloch did not specify what would happen if there were an additional (probably unsuccessful) attempt (probably unsuccessful).

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