The Florida resident is accused of attacking his colleague with a knife during a debate regarding Christian music.

Caleb Taylor Robinson, 26 was working in a warehouse on Big Pine Key, where he and his coworker made hamburgers, drank beer and enjoyed music. The MPs reported that Robinson wanted to change his music from Christian and his friend did not agree. The report states that Robinson then Robinson employed an axe to threaten the man.

The victim went to the bathroom, and then called an emergency number. While in the bathroom Robinson struck the door, causing the victim between $ 200 and $400 in damages, the sheriff’s office stated. The MPs discovered Robinson on the edge of the warehouse, sleeping in the back of a vehicle. The MP stated Robinson had claimed that Robinson claimed that the man “prophesied Hell” for the politician because he pointed the flashlight towards him. Other MPs were able to hear Robinson claim that he “prophesies the hellish suffering of them.”

Robinson later told lawmakers that he had a dream that his friend would be severely injured at his construction work site. He then said the man would be cut in the throat, and then throw him into a wood crusher. Robinson claimed that the act of sacrifice caused Satan to appear within the man.

Robinson was detained.

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