The majority of Florida residents are used to travelling with others riding motorcycles.

The other day, however, one motorist was skeptical of his eyes.

When driving along the 95th South Road, which is near Jacksonville the other day, a woman along with her son saw an individual lying on a bicycle, naked driving a car, appearing totally relaxed and calm. The man wasn’t wearing a helmet or shirt (according according to Florida law helmets are not mandatory for those with minimum $ 10,000 in healthcare insurance).

Rashand Anderson Glespen shared an unrelated video on her Facebook page , with an accompanying caption “JJ was a pleasure to watch this video in the year 1995, about 15 minutes ago … what’s up do you think? The man was flying. 
Glespen was riding at the right track and the rider was able to pass her.

“I was with my son Joseph, and we were confused as we drove by,” the driver told The Miami Herald. “I offered him my mobile and slowed it down a bit (probably fifty to sixty mph) so that he could record his car driving through. It was awe-inspiring. 

A resident from Jacksonville was quite awed by the discovery.

“It’s really nice to see something like this,” she added. “But I didn’t hang around after I shot the video because I knew it wouldn’t take long for it to turn into a mess and I didn’t want to risk getting into an accident.”

The man was not an avid hiker There was an Florida licence plate mounted on his bike, Glespen said.

Despite this trick being dangerous however, at least he didn’t send a text.

St. Petersburg lawyer Heath S. Murphy of the Jones Law Group said the unidentified rider could be in many problems if a policeman was to see him.

“The athlete in the video can be cited for multiple violations,” the official said. “He is in violation of F.C. 316.2085 (2) (2), by not being able to keep his feet and legs on the opposite side of the bicycle. I’d imagine that many Police officers could also deport the driver for reckless driving or reckless driving. While the laws are identical to each one the act of reckless driving can be a civil infraction while reckless driving can be a criminal offense. 

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