A Florida man has set up an operating area in his home for castration with medical equipment, painkillers and cameras. The Florida man’s mishap sounds like something from a horror movie. As per authorities at the Highland County Sheriff, a Florida man was detained on the 18th of August for failing a castration procedure on a second man. They met on an online fetish website for Eunuchs, according to authorities. “It’s a little … let’s just say delicate,” the Highlands County Sheriff declared in a post on Facebook. “You might even say this is a form of delusion.

After receiving an urgent call from Sebring the deputy was sent to look into the call and arrived at the home just before midnight.

An 74-year old Florida man entered the room and informed the MP just had a castration.

The officers “found a man on a bed with a towel in his groin who was bleeding profusely,” the Highland County Sheriff said in an announcement.

“Nearby was a pink container that contained two body parts that were recently much closer to the victim,” the statement stated.

The authorities discovered that the house is equipped with an operating room, medical equipment, painkillers and a camera that records the procedure.

As per the Sheriff the condition of the victim is stable as of now.

The 74-year-old suspect “went through a similar procedure with a man at a local motel a few years ago who turned out to be very similar to this one.”

“The previous victim went to the hospital, but law enforcement was not notified,” the sheriff wrote in a post on Facebook.

The story was written by the author and published in 22 Florida markets by GateHouse Media Group.

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