LAKE WORT BEACH, Florida (WPTV LAKE WORT BEACH, FLORIDA (WPTV CNN) A Florida couple was fed by an animal called a kinkajou that is native in Central as well as South America, it did not let them go until it bit and scratched the 37-year-old male.

Michael Literski, 37, claims that he and his girlfriend Jillian Hicks were convinced that the kinkajou they spotted on the front porch on the 24th of July was lemur. His innocent eyes caught their eye. They left the watermelon to the lemur to eat.

“We fed him watermelon because we thought it would be friendly,” Hicks told the reporter. However, the next day when Litersky attempted to go off to go to work, he realized that the kinkajou had appeared and refused to accept the reply “no.”

“So I’m guessing it was a logical thing to do. He was desperate for more watermelon,” said Hicks and the moment he opened the doors He was shivering. It bit the animal’s legs and hit him on the leg and shin as He tried to push him away. It’s not inside the house. At the end of the day the burglar got him locked inside the bathroom.

“I believe it was drawn. The next time I invest in Kinkajou “Hicks laughed.

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