PALM BAY FL (AP) PALM BAY, FL (AP) A 88-year-old Florida man was taken into custody after police reported that he burnt the raccoon he had captured alive after the animal had eaten his mango.

Ezra James told WKMG-TV on Saturday that he sprayed an raccoon with gasoline, and then lit an ember. Other than being able to taste the mango James worried that the animal could infect him with the rabies. James is a resident of the city in Palm Bay, about 75 miles to the southeast of Orlando.

A neighbor called 911 after the raccoon was burned to death by a trap made of metal. trap.

James says that cops killed the raccoon to alleviate his pain. The authorities say that unpleasant animals can be trapped , and later released or humanely killed.

James claims that the prison release was after he posted a $2,000 bail in connection with charges of animal cruelty that resulted in the death of.

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