Highlands County, Florida. Florida MPs have detained one man on suspicion of trying to castrate his residence within Highlands County, WFTS reported.

Members of Parliament were invited at the house of 74-year-old Gary Van Riswick on Ordai Road in Sebring on the 18th of August.

The moment arrival, Riswick informed the police that he had committed a murder and was now in serious trouble. The officers found the victim lying on the bed bleeding heavily and with an untidy towel on his stomach.

The patient was transported by ambulance to the nearby hospital, and his health was stable.

During the investigation, officers discovered two body parts inside the pink container that was believed to be being the victims.

As per the investigation Ryswick was able to constructed a room which resembled a surgery center and contained the medical equipment and painkillers.

Additionally, a camera added to record the entire process.

Van Riswick told MPs that he had a conversation with the victim on the darknet through the site targeted at people who have a castration fetish.

Additionally, Riswick told MPs that he attempted to perform the procedure for the victim in the past week, but it had to postpone the procedure.

In the investigation, Riswick informed the defendant that he’d experienced an animal encounter and removed one of his testicles in 2012.

He also claimed that he’d done the same thing with one of the men in a motel near him some time ago. It was a disaster as per his supervisor, the Highland County Sheriff.

Raiswick was detained on Monday, August 19 and accused of having a medical practice without license and resulting in personal injury, which is a second degree felony.

His bond was set to $250,000.

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