Martin County MPs were able to spot the grisly scene on the driveway of Tequesta’s house on Monday after they observed Austin Harrowf, 19, bending over bleeding, cutting off portions of his face using his teeth.

The Miami Herald reports that MPs were unsuccessful in using stun guns as well as police dogs to remove Harrowff the Florida State University student, off the corpse of John Stevens III. At final, however, a team of officers was able to pull the extremely robust Harrowf away, while he grunted while he growled and made “animal sounds.”
Martin County Sheriff William Snyder reports to reporters that in the garage, police discovered Michelle Michcon Stevens, who was fatally wounded. Snyder claims it were “terrible violence” in the garage, which appears like the husband tried to fight Harrowff according to the Herald.

The suspect didn’t know the other suspects The suspect was not aware of the pair, and Snyder describes the incident as “completely unprovoked and accidental,” according to the Herald. Authorities believe Harrowf might be affected by hallucinogens. A neighbor who attempted to help was also injured and later taken to a hospital.

The Herald reports that Harrowf was in a local sports bar along with his family when he grew angry and fled the home. He was in Tekeste where he was in the city of his birth with his brothers. The Palm Beach Post reports that the suspect is being treated for sedation in the Palm Beach County Hospital.

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