DAYTONA BEACH Florida (WSBT) A Florida man is being held in jail after police say the man warned the possibility of “remove” another person during an argument over remote control vehicles . He then fired a gun at a car that was a victim.

As per the investigation according to the report, 42-year old Torrie Li. Sloss drove to the victim in the morning of the 14th of August, preventing the vehicle’s movement.

Sloss was the subject of controversy because the victim was accused of repairing remote-controlled vehicles for Sloss. He walked out of the unlocked window and struck the victim with his hands.

Police report that Sloss then pulled a gun out of his waistband and threatened “turn off” the victim who was in the front seat.

The investigation suggests that at that point, he shot a bullet which shattered areas of the window and the glass inflicted injuries to the victim’s chest and face.

The unidentified victim was rushed to the hospital, and later released. Following an incident Sloss left for an undetermined location.

Luckily, the police say that he was nabbed and sent to jail on the 16th of August.

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