LARGO, Florida. An Florida man was taken into custody after police claimed he purposely shot down a group ducklings who were playing in the pool.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening shortly before 20:00. Witnesses have been reported to police that they saw James Claremont drive his Ford truck westbound along Orange Drive inside a mobile home park in Largo, Florida.

At the timeof the incident, eleven ducklings played in a small pool in the middle of the road along with one duck. Two witnesses who were independent one of whom was a child, observed Claremont slow down because of an obstruction in the road and suddenly accelerate fast toward the ducks.

Witnesses yelled at the driver to stop his vehicle so as not to hurt the ducklings.

Police say he tripped over three ducklings before fleeing the scene to his home on the street.

Two ducklings perished on the spot, while one was transported to a local vet clinic suffering from a bone fracture.

Claremont did not believe there had ever been ducklings in the highway and could not explain the reason why police found blood and feathers on the wheel of his vehicle.

Police say that he appeared drunk, due to his slurred speech eyelashes, red and watery eyes, as well as the smell of alcohol that emanated from him. He was even drunk two hours later.

Claremont is accused of the most severe form of animal cruelty.

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