A Florida rower mounted a camera on the front of his board to capture footage of him and other surfers being leaped out by what it is believed to be a spinner shark.

Maximo Trinidad posted video evidence that he was in an encounter with one last Thursday near Corners Beach, which according to locals could have been from encounters with sharks. The YouTube post shows Trinidad riding waves when suddenly there’s impact between Max and something else as well- another surfer or possibly even some type of marine life since they were close enough for this incident not just involve whoever had their phone set up while surfing like most people would do nowadays; but instead seemed more personal because you can see really clearly how startled both individuals are afterward before going back.

Trinidad dives back on his board, laughing and apparently unharmed. “As soon as I saw this big beautiful animal jumping next to me, everything went into slow motion. The shark was so close- it felt unreal,” Trinidad told WPTV after the incident. “It was very cool”.

This is not Trinidad’s first encounter with a jumping shark – he said that once before one of these huge fish jumped near him from two feet away at eye level.

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