After calling a South Florida pet shop and threatening to set fire to employees, police arrested a man.

According to the arrest report Jamie Militana, 66, called Puppies and Rescues in Pembroke Pines. He said that he was unhappy about the puppies he purchased from the store on April 5.

According to this officer, Militana had insulted police officers during the telephone call and said that he would come to the store to shoot all employees. I have a shotgun, and I will do it. 

According to the report Militana made this statement multiple times before ending the conversation.

Police reported shortly thereafter that Militana’s spouse called the store and told them that her husband was “just kidding.”
The store owner was shocked to learn of the situation and called the police.

Militana was the only customer who purchased two golden scribbled puppies in this month’s short investigation.

They also confessed that the number they used to threaten them was the same as the one used for the purchase of the puppies.

Militana, when approached by police, stated that he was very disappointed and had “overreacted” but that he didn’t have any firearms.

Militana was arrested by the officers and charged with falsely reporting an explosive weapon. A Broward County judge identified the bond at $ 15,000.

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