Eustice (WTFF – A Florida man was stopped for sleeping at a sign and found with methamphetamine pipes inside his pickup truck.

A Eustice officer responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle at the N. Prescott Avenue and E. Bates Avenue areas around 7:00 am on Tuesday.

The anonymous caller stated that a pickup truck with garbage in the back was found parked at the stop sign. According to the written statement, the arrest was made.

The officer arrived and found Darren Mercer, 22, in his Dodge truck. He looked “as if he were asleep”. Darren is a Florida native.

A methamphetamine pipe was found on his lap. A second methamphetamine pipe, which was “inside the trunk on floor”, was discovered. There was also some marijuana in the pack. Field tests confirmed all of this, at least in principle.

Darren was taken into custody and sent to prison. He was accused of possessing marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia. He was still in prison as of Sunday on $ 2,000 bail.

He doesn’t have any previous convictions so it appears that he just moved from Floridian, Florida to his new home.

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