APRIL 26, 2016 – A Florida man was charged with kicking swans at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, while he was practicing karate.

According to the arrest report several witnesses claimed that they witnessed Rocco Mantella, 34, from Jacksonville leaving the main lane at Lake Eola Park around 9:20 AM to kick two swans – one in the back and another to the head during his karate class.

One eyewitness claimed that Mantella laughed when he saw her reaction to him kick swans. Then he kicked the swan with a roundhouse-style kick that was “Chuck Norris” like. Mantella seemed to find the situation hilarious and the eyewitness was again horrified.

Another witness claimed that Mantella also kicked a sleeping duck.

They were not able to locate the animals being allegedly kicked.

Mantella was charged with animal cruelty. She is currently being held on $ 1000 bail.

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