ORLANDO (CBSMiami/AP – A man claiming coronavirus was captured stealing from and throwing at a police officer.

According to an Orlando police report, Christopher Abad, 26, was taken into custody at 7-Eleven Orlando for assault, theft and assault on law enforcement. Abad spit on a police officer during his arrest. Abad was then taken to the police station and he began to spat on a police officer.

Abad threatened to attack a shop employee who was stealing from him.

It is unknown if Abad, who claimed to have the coronavirus, was tested after his arrest.

Abad is currently being held on $3600 bail.

Jamal Curry, 31, coughed into the arms of a police officer who was being charged with domestic violence. He claimed he had the Coronavirus. Federal prosecutors charged the man with committing a hoax to use biological weapons.

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