OSCEola District, Florida (WKMG). According to records from Osceola County Sheriff, the murder suspect is accused in beating a man with a vacuum cleaner so that he cut off his head.

After a man was discovered dead at Cheo Auto Repair’s trashcan, MPs were summoned to Donegan Avenue in Kissimmee.

According to reports, blood, brain and fragments of bone from the victim were sprayed onto the area and near vehicles.

In his sworn statement, the detective stated that he was “instantly stunned” by the violence that led (his) murder.

According to the evidence, the MPs believed that the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, and the wooden board were the murder weapons.

The detective stated that “apparently, the vacuum was driven into the victim” and that it broke into pieces, spreading throughout the territory.

According to the report, the victim was seen near a dumpster by a surveillance camera from a nearby facility at 3:15 AM when Angel Luis Olmed Rivera (44 years old) approached the victim and began attacking him.

According to the MPs, Olmed Rivera attacked the victim with a vacuum cleaner and a wooden plank, legs, fists, and a wooden stick. Olmed Rivera was seen leaving the scene and returning to the scene a few minutes later.

The detective stated that the suspect appeared to have committed five separate, equally violent attacks against the victim.

This surveillance video identified Olmeda Rivera a suspect in a crime.

According to the MPs, Olmeda Rivera told them during a March 17 interview that he was suffering from mental health issues and couldn’t remember whereabouts over the past several days. According to the report, he could not explain why he had suffered cuts and injuries to his arms and hands.

According to Olmed Rivera’s affidavit he didn’t act surprised or repentant when he was told by MPs that a person had hurt him.

The MPs stated then that they had told Olmed Rivera he had murdered someone.

“The angel smiled at me and laughed. He didn’t seem shocked, regretful, or concerned about this information. Instead, he appeared amused and “wrote to the detective.

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