Before he was shot and killed by police, a Florida man said “I’m going death tonight.”

WINTER HAVEN, CBSMiami/AP – A Florida man declared “I’m going out to die tonight” before he fired his gun at police to investigate the sexual harassment call.

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd a woman called 911 Saturday to report that a gunshot was heard when she and her husband went to Winter Haven to collect her 14-year old daughter. Her husband, 52-yearold Larry Jenkins, also called 911.

Jenkins was accused of engaging in sexual acts and exposing the teenager to them, according to the sheriff.

Jenkins returned home to find the teens waiting outside for him. Jenkins was so drunk that she offered her husband a gun to kill them. Jenkins pointed the gun at Jenkins, who refused to give Jenkins a gun. In a statement to reporters by the sheriff, the woman stated that “I am preparing for death.” The youth ran away from the scene after the woman shot the gun at the ground.

Winter Haven Police Sergeant Joshua Dentel, along with other officers, found Jenkins smoking a cigarette on a patio. Sergeant Dentel asked Jenkins for his hands but he refused to do so, stating, “I have a firearm in my pocket.”

Jenkins said to the police, “I’m going home tonight.” As Jenkins pulled the gun from his pocket, Sergeant Dentel opened fire several times. Jenkins died despite the intervention by paramedics.

Sergeant Dentel was placed on leave from his department, where he had worked for almost 10 years, due to an investigation that was opened by the sheriff’s and prosecutor’s offices during the investigation.

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